Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Time Blogger

I LOVE blogs, I love to read anyone and everyone's! I like to read the people's I know, and I also have to check out any blog that has a recipe, especially to do with baking. Then sometimes I will find myself reading all about someone that I have never even met, basically I spend too much time on them.
Needless to say I have always wanted my own blog, but in all reality who wants to read my blog?  This has always been my thinking, and still is. Besides the fact that I feel I have nothing to blog about, my blog will never be grammatically correct. I can't spell, and I am sure I will ramble and not make sense. After talking to a friend the other day about my obsession with blogging, she thought it would be a good idea to blog about all the crazy things that happen to me. I don't think my life is that crazy, but she seems to find humor in it.  :)  That got me too thinking I should just do it, and after the day I had today I thought how can I not blog this! So here is my first blog post, and if it offends you, don't continue reading my blog. I can guarantee that there is more of this to come!

Jeremy and I have a red golden retriever, his name is Max. I am sure this wont be the last time you will be hearing about him, he is a big part of our family. Jeremy has had Max since the second grade, and Max is fourteen years old. Needless to say Max has been around a long time, and we love him!

Well being the good mom of a dog that I am I scheduled him for a grooming appointment today, along with his shots and check-up. I took him to the vet around 8:30am. Max absolutely hates going, but he does pretty good for a big dog. At 4:30 the vet still hadn't called me to come pick him up, so I call them. "Um would you like me to come get my dog? Don't you close in 30 minutes?" I write a large check, put his leash on and we walk out the door. He sniffs around, goes number one and I load him up. About a block away from the vet I am on the phone with my husband and it went a little something like this....
"The vet said his arm is fine, happens to old dogs"-Me
"Oh ok, nothing we can do about it?"-Jerm
"Max! What are you doing? STOP!"-Me
"Are you sure, he might have just farted?"-Jerm
"UM NO THIS IS ****!"-Me

So I am having a major freak-out and I roll down all four windows, because due to my super-human-pregnancy-senses (as my husband calls them) I am about to completely gag. I drive as fast as I possibly can to my parents house. Why my parents you ask? Well their house was a lot closer at the time, and I figured I was going to need someone to help me since my husband was golfing. I arrive at my parents and open the back of my trailblazer. I don't have pictures, which you should be thankful for, but it wasn't pretty. Picture a giant pregnant lady standing there looking at a dog covered in his poop, along with the entire back of her vehicle. I had no idea where to even start, and just my luck no one was home! So I got Max out of the car and he ran to the grass and did his duty, two more times. Thankfully Jeremy came, we had to scrub out the back of the trailblazer, hose off the driveway, and clean our freshly groomed dog which we had just paid to have done so we didn't have too. Welcome to my blog!


  1. I thought the same thing when I started a blog. Why would people want to read about my boring life but I started it anyway because I wanted to. haha...

  2. Love it!!! Well, not all the **** but the rest!! I didn't know you liked blogs so does that mean you read mine!?!?!? Because we aren't exciting in the least bit!!! Looking forward to more posts!!!!

  3. lol that was so funny! Sounds familiar. When we first moved to Dallas our dogs couldn't handle the traffic. Imagine them both vomiting in the back seat during rush hour in the worst part of Dallas. I probably shouldn't have exited until I got to a nicer part of the city but just like you, I was about to vomit myself, and in that traffic it would have taken at least 30 minutes. haha I have had a blog too but.... I haven't used it.. I think you may have inspired me. :)

  4. Well Stephanie I read yours, so I don't think it's boring :) Of course I follow you Ann!! Shari-gross!!

  5. Oh yeah, I just went to a car wash and vacuumed it up. you're welcome for that visual!

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